"You can keep spiraling or deal with your triggers – your choice!"

Tapping Into Triggers Together.

The Triggered AF Podcast inspires you to figure YOU out! Your life has to feel as good as it looks! We've only got this one life and wasting it isn't an option. We get trigger happy fearlessly challenging societal norms in every conversation. Join the #triggerhappyfam as we navigate life's rollercoaster of laughs, tears, and awe-inspiring moments together. Subscribe now to catch up on all our favorite episodes and to get notified every time a new one drops!

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Tired of your triggers ruining your love life?


Dating isn't trash, but how you date absolutely is.

Dating should NOT be this hard and who you decide to make your partner is one of the most important LIFE decisions you'll ever make! Your partner will either activate your purpose or activate your triggers. Learn how to date based on your type.



What is the Triggered AF Podcast?

Hosted by Transformation and Health Coaches, Alechia Reese and Dani Bourdeau, Triggered AF Podcast is an Essence-featured podcast that activates and identifies personal triggers in order to heal them.

The Triggered AF podcast boosts thousands of downloads weekly. They’ve interviewed Grammy-award winners, multi-million dollar making entrepreneurs, high-powered executives, and powerful influencers. Their witty, charismatic, and straight no-chaser approach afforded them the opportunity to host the backstage interview series for Jazz in the Gardens Music Fest in Miami, FL and lead live interviews with artists like H.E.R., Fat Joe, Rick Ross, and more.

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Tap in #TriggerHappyFam

S1 EP 15: Friendship Breakups

Tune in and learn how to truly heal from your friendship breakups and how to maintain and deepen your relationship with your current friends. “The first step in the healing process is to acknowledge what you learn from them. Because in every single experience, whether it was positive or negative, there's always something you learned.”

S3 EP15: Manifesting Your Vision

“When I show up as myself, that’s my entry fee.” Your Triggered AF hosts welcome guest Melissa A. Mitchell; an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. Melissa is a master manifesting artist who believes fiercely in authenticity, honoring the season you’re in, and gratitude as the greatest down payment for your future.

S2 EP17: I Thought We Were Past This

“Don't burn up your world, because you're going to need a place to live when you're no longer angry.” Tune in as your hosts get vulnerable with you and open up about their most deeply rooted triggers that seem to pop up every once in a while even though they thought they were past them. Learn how to work with your low vibrational self, how to identify your baseline triggers, and how to regulate yourself back to default.

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Meet Alechia

Alechia Reese is equal parts warm tea and Hennessy. Transformation coach and international speaker, she’s the principal for RGLP Group, LLC, co-founder of Tru3 Yoga Agency, and co-host of the Triggered AF & Got Value? Podcasts. A practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), she shows high-functioning executives, high-impact entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders how to leverage their personal and professional value to increase impact and decrease burnout. Her strategies guide leaders in building strong and strategic professional relationships that lead to upwardly mobile careers, expansive businesses, and lives that not only look good, but feel good. 

She has served in capacities from director of public relations to director of events for some of the most enticing events in the US. She’s had clients features in the New York Times, Forbes, New York Post, Huffington Post, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and the Nasdaq Times Square Marquee to name a few. 

From the entertainment stage to the corporate boardroom, Alechia has produced events from 30 to 30,000 attendees with sponsors like UPS, AMEX, IBM, and more. She’s also spoken for events from 50-50,000 attendees for a myriad of organizations and leaders including Flaviana Matata, Zendaya Coleman and Soledad O'Brien to Verizon, Bank of America, Vogue Italia, Essence, Buzzfeed, and more.

Her unique hosting and journalistic style has produced opportunities to interview many of the most prolific artists, dynamic professionals, and impactful influencers of our time including Anthony Hamilton, H.E.R., Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Lionel Richie, Iyanla Vanzant, Brandy, Dwyane Wade, The O’Jays, Karen Civil, Lalah Hathaway, Elle Varner, Melanie Fiona, Letoya Luckett, and many more!

Meet Dani

Coach Dani Bourdeau, CLC, CHC is the co-host of the Triggered AF Podcast where she shares her unique and insightful perspective on topics ranging from dating to healing and everything in between. Her creative and straight-no-chaser communication style led to interviews with Grammy-award winners, multi-million dollar making entrepreneurs, high-powered executives, and powerful influencers like Anthony Hamilton, KJ Rose, Toni Jones, Jay Barnett, and Dawn Dickson to name a few. She’s also facilitated interviews with artists like H.E.R., Fat Joe, Rick Ross, and more. 

She’s curating a life that combines practicality, self care and wellness. Doing the work and walking together, she provides the tools for frustrated, stuck or "tried everything" individuals to take back their health and get back to living life as their highest self. 

Through one-on-one coaching and group workshops, Dani engages with clients to uncover the "why beneath the why" and redefine what it means to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taking a holistic approach using nutrition and the mantra "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", Dani shifts the mindset of her clients to improve their relationship with food resulting in weight loss, an increase in energy and wellbeing. 

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